A Life well lived

Andy Romness, our Dad, was full of life, our grandmother tells us he started walking at 9 months and never stooped being on the go after that. Our father never lacked for things to keep him busy, and was always diving in on new hobbies. He loved to fish, tie flies, garden, go for a ride on his motor cycle, tinker with his motor cycle, work on a new construction project, you could probably call him a jack of all hobbies. He road was not always easy and he preferred to find the road less traveled, and make his own way.

He did not follow with the rules of society for the sake of the rule, if the unspoken or unwritten rule made sense to him then it was good. He believed with his whole being that you needed to consider the why and the result you were going for before making a decision and never go with the group mentality unless it made sense, which in his opinion it rarely did.

Andy believed anything worth doing was worth doing right. Which was not always easy growing up, but gave us a good work ethic. He also had a work hard play hard ethic, which has given us a reminder to enjoy our life. He was always proud of us, but that was most commonly shared with others, which kept us grounded. He believed that Females were just as capable as any man, and that we could do anything we put our minds too, which rooted us, and empowered us to keep going no mater how hard this world, this life can be. Just because your down does not mean your out, you pick your self up, you learn and you grow.

He impacted everyone who he came in contact with in some way, he was a person that went against the grain, both easy going and hard to get along with at the same time.

Amy and Laura

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