I Miss you!

I miss you, It’s still weird to say that I miss you, and not just call or text you! It’s still sural and I’m not sure if or when that will change. I really should work on a a video tribute to you, as I have planed then I can post it here to share it with the world .

I want the world to remember you, I want to have a celebration service of your life and hear everyone’s Memories, but I can’t . Sometimes when it’s quiet I can sense the void in my life that you have left, and I find tears just running down my face, so I am trying to stay busy.

It is simple things wanting to hang more storage in the garage over the cars, and remembering the struggle I was having, and you came in and make quick work of something I had been working on for over an hour. Not that you always did it for me, far from it, but when it was quick and simple for you you would often just get it done. I listen to the politics and I get ready to vote, and I think of you, the be a black sheep mentality you instilled within me, this year I’m not following that way, but I did the research and have given it lots of thought and I hope when I cast my ballot you would be proud of my choices, but take comfort that you would be glad I voted, and shared my thoughts.

I really mostly just want a hug from you so much it aches, and to hear the “Love ya, Kiddo” or “See ya later Alligator.”


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